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This religion has come to mean many different things to different people. For some it conjures images of black magic, hexes, and pacts with the devil. For others it’s a means to capture a lover, get revenge, or win the lotto.

For me, it’s a perfect example of what we can create when we are open, educated, and operating in love.

wicca, symbols, beliefs, rituals, wicca for beginners

It's not an “ancient religion.” Rather, it’s based on ancient practices which were brought together to create a meaningful system for modern culture.

I might ruffle your feathers, push your buttons, or flat out piss you off somewhere in this site.  The point of this site isn't really to convert you to a religious system, but to give you food for thought, challenge your present perceptions, and have you challenge mine. 

To be honest I even don't much care for the use of the term "Wicca", because labeling what I believe changes it into a defined religion operating within the confines of a hierarchy and rules of conduct.  Unfortunately, we are more comfortable wrapping language around things, and I had to give the site a title that would attract the most like minded people. I guess what I'm trying to say is that while this has been the religious title I most associate with, my relationship with Spirit has been a beautiful, nebulous, eclectic journey that transcends my ability to define it.  

Understanding Wicca

Carl Jung is a psychologist who spent his life understanding the human consciousness. He taught that not only do we have an individual unconscious, but also we are part of a “collective unconscious”.

Each one of us is constantly feeding our experiences back to this collective, filling the pool of wisdom.

Energy works this way as well. We, and everything around us, are comprised of energy. The boundaries that separate us are illusory and temporary. This means we are not merely connected; we are one.

The Craft is about understanding the “oneness” and using that knowledge to make our lives and our world better.

An example of how this understanding benefits us is spell work. In a Wiccan spell, you might use a green candle to obtain money. Green is not magical in and of itself. It is magical because for thousands of years it has been used in spells of magic as a color of abundance and earthly manifestation.

When you light that candle, you are dipping into a pool of energy that has been filled by all those coming before you. It’s like getting billions of people to think good thoughts about you having money at the same time. That’s powerful!!

wicca, symbols, beliefs, rituals, wicca for beginners

What’s more is that it’s an inexhaustible power! Because your belief, or agreement, that green is abundance returns that energy to the pool, the cycle of giving and receiving never stops!

On this path, we are not separated from each other by race, sexual preferences, gender, or denominational rhetoric. More importantly, we are not separated from the Divine by original sin, failing to say the right phrases, being born into the wrong status, or even by our mere humanness.

No judgment. No hatred. No separation. 

Bright Blessings,

Raven Veil

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