Beginner Witchcraft or Wicca 101

This is beginner Witchcraft: Learning the Wicca path of Maiden Mother Crone.

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The information contained on this site was given many decades ago to my Crone, Leslie. She was one a member of the national Witches Council that developed the 13 Principles. This is 101 the way she taught it .

As a beginner Witchcraft course, it is meant to give you a foundation from which to build your own path. Sticking closely to it's precepts makes your path powerful, adding your own style makes it meaningful.

The following outline is what will be covered in this free Wicca 101 course. As sections become available, the headings will turn into hyperlinks.

The final addition will be an exam.

Please feel free to ask questions....

Wicca 101 – Course Outline

I. Introduction

  • A. Life lessons
  • B. Unwritten rules of Wicca
  • C. What a witch is
  • D. Wiccan Philosophy
  • E. Who we were then and now
  • F. Deities and Names
  • G. What you need to develop

    II. Types of Wicca

  • A. A number of examples of the different types of Wicca
  • B. Traditions they all share

    III. The Wheel of the Year

  • A. Symbology
  • B. The 8 Sabbats

    IV. The Esbat

  • A. Why and where do a ritual?
  • B. The role of the male
  • C. Phases of the Moon, names of, etc...
  • D. What is done at each phase

    V. The Quarters of the Circle

  • A. The 4 quarters and what each means and is used for

    VI. Sacred Tools

  • A. The Athame and/or sword
  • B. The Wand and/or staff
  • C. The Pentacle
  • D. The Chalice
  • E. The bell, incense, candles, icons, the censor, the mirror and cord magic
  • F. The Cauldron
  • G. The Bisom
  • H. The Pentagram

    VII. Amulets and Talisman

  • A. Amulets vs. Talisman
  • B. Sigil creation
  • C. The magic squares
  • D. Herb use

    VIII. Crosses and Runes

  • A. Examples of crosses and their original meaning
  • B. The “fish” symbol
  • C. Rune types and examples
  • D. Layouts for using runes as a scrying device

    IX. Invoking, Evoking and Conclusion

  • A. Invoking the quarters; opening and closing
  • B. Evoking the quarters; opening and closing
  • C. The 3-Fold Rule
  • D. Ethics
  • E. What is a religion?
  • F. What We do

    Bright Blessings,

  • Raven Veil

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