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Wicca Symbols And Their Meanings. Learn Goddess Symbol, Druid Symbols, The Pentagram Symbol & More.

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Wicca symbols can be any symbol, even those not traditionally thought of as “Wicca symbols”.

To become a wiccan is to start the process of recognizing all paths as valid.

You begin to realize that just as all traditions have an element of power, so too do their symbols.

Depending on the Wiccan spell, we might use Druid symbols, Celtic symbols, ancient Egyptians symbols, or Goddess symbols. It really is dependent upon what the intention of the spell is.

Let’s say you need money FAST. You would use Wicca symbols for money and success and maybe the planetary symbols of Uranus, for speed, and Mercury, to aid in delivering your message.

If we need luck or protection, we may use the symbol for our birth signs or etchings of our birth flowers to help represent us on an amulet or talisman.

The main thing about the use of symbols is continuity. What is meant by this is if you are calling in an Egyptian God and are using his god symbol, then be sure to use other ancient Egyptian symbols as well, such as the ankh symbol (which is the Egyptian symbol of life), a scarab, and an Egyptian Goddess symbol; etc.

Take time to research it out. Really know what the symbol means that you’re using. DO NOT RELY ON WHAT YOU THOUGHT WAS RIGHT. Take for instance the pentagram symbol or pentacle.

The pentacle is probably one of the most recognizable witchcraft symbols yet if you walk up to someone with one hanging around their neck and asked what it symbolizes, you would more than likely get a short pat answer. If you're going to wear it know what it means! It's not just cool jewelry it's a powerful tool with a rich history.

Being a witch is all about looking deeper. What makes images Wicca symbols is meaning. A star isn't just a star and a tree isn't just a tree anymore when you walk this path. What do they SYMBOLIZE? How were they used. Look to the ancient cultures for answers. Western civilization has done much to rob us of understanding.

Many everyday symbols have lost power for us. The Caduceus symbol is one example of these. We see it all over the medical profession and dismiss it as something to represent a doctor or nurse, one of the medicine symbols.

orange roses

It is really a symbol for Hermes the divine mssenger!

I love this quote by Stuart L. Tyson, "The Caduceus", in The Scientific Monthly-

"As god of the high-road and the market-place Hermes was perhaps above all else the patron of commerce and the fat purse: as a corollary, he was the special protector of the traveling salesman. As spokesman for the gods, he not only brought peace on earth (occasionally even the peace of death), but his silver-tongued eloquence could always make the worse appear the better cause. From this latter point of view, would not his symbol be suitable for certain Congressmen, all medical quacks, book agents and purveyors of vacuum cleaners, rather than for the straight-thinking, straight-speaking therapeutist? As conductor of the dead to their subterranean abode, his emblem would seem more appropriate on a hearse than on a physician's car."

Maybe given the current state of our healthcare system, it's the perfect symbol after all!

Or how about the Swastika symbol? In today’s western societies it is seen as a symbol of hate and fanaticism. The truth is the word swastika came from the Sanskrit word svastika, meaning a lucky, auspicious object, or a mark made on a person or thing to bring good luck. Svastika might be translated literally as "that which is associated with well-being". It had been used as a powerful talisman of good since the 5th millennium BCE!

orange roses

Again, open yourself to the good of all paths and research, research, research!!

Bright Blessings,

Raven Veil

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